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Lord's accessible prose captured the major themes evoked in many Titanic works: the inequalities of class, the limits of technology and progress, greed, sacrifice and love. He demonstrated an acute eye for detail, along with a strong sense of character and drama, qualities that made the book a natural for the screen.

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The book is simply a chronicle of the events leading up to and during that fateful night of April , , though a chronicle with a storyteller's sensitivity. Almost 60 years on, it remains as engaging as ever. While dozens and dozens of collections investigate the tragedy through non-fiction prose, quite often accompanied by photographs, menus, comparative graphs and other ephemera, the disaster has inspired other forms, including Broadway musicals, dramas, children's stories and poetry.

Life of Pi Analysis with How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Canada's E. Pratt and Thomas Hardy yes, that Thomas Hardy both offered memorable poetic takes on the ship. There have also been some questionable books — inviting readers to re-enact the last dinners aboard the ship, and cookbooks filled with White Star Line recipes.

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  • While the highest-profile Titanic books have been non-fiction, a notable exception is Beryl Bainbridge's Every Man for Himself , short-listed for the Booker Prize. The novel takes place onboard the ship in the days leading up to her sinking.

    Mike Johnson’s visual poetry displayed

    Bainbridge weaves the events and details of the doomed maiden voyage into a seamless narrative so painstakingly researched and considered that it's difficult to notice just how much factual information she brings to the text. Her protagonists are fictional, though she has them interact with characters modelled after actual Titanic passengers and crew.

    Thus, Bainbridge allows us to speculate on what it would have been like for high-society types such as Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor and the unsinkable Molly Brown in the decadent world of first-class travel. Part comedy of manners, part historical drama, Bainbridge's take on the Titanic saga is a well-crafted addition to the Titanic canon.

    In Titanic: The Canadian Story , Alan Hustak offers Canadians and, indeed, everyone else, a better understanding of the tragedy's Canadian roots and shoots. It goes much deeper than our icy waters prolonging the iceberg's life or wireless operators in Newfoundland then its own country. Far too many Canadians do not know the extent to which the country plays a part in the tragedy, from the Halifax-based ships chartered by the White Star Line to retrieve bodies, to the Mayflower Curling Club used as an impromptu morgue, to Canadians being the third most numerous group aboard the ship.

    Sinking of the Titanic (1912)

    Hustak's book documents many of the Canadians overlooked by U. For instance, going down with the ship was Charles Melville Hays, president of the Grand Truck Railway, who had been in England securing financing for a cross-country railway running from Montreal through to the port in Prince Rupert, B. - Zeitungen aus der ganzen Welt

    This would have changed the landscape of Canada significantly. Theories abound as to why so many folks share an ongoing fascination for the tragedy and its many stories, especially those connected with the Greek concept of hubris, the seeming maiden-voyage punishment for the White Star Line declaring its luxurious ship unsinkable. But it would be especially interesting to study how whether the obsession follows class lines. Just as it's difficult to find lottery-ticket outlets in affluent areas, does the One Percent keep up with Titanic lore?

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    And in this new wave of enthusiasm, how many cookbooks and re-enactment parties and centenary cruises does it take before our fascination becomes fetishistic? Perhaps imitation is the highest form of flattery, but what if it's not? At what point do we cease to honour the Titanic's memory?

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    June 14, June 10, Mesmerizing video shows hundreds of snow geese filling the skies above November 6, Under the Influence: How social media is changing craft beer culture November 8, Richmond money-laundering inquiry hears of prostitution, birth tourism November 8, Can they search your phone at the Canadian border? August 2, Never-before-seen video of driving through Vancouver 50 years ago November 2, More than people were lost, including the captain, Edward Smith, and Canadian railway tycoon Charles Melville Hays.

    On Wednesday, 17 April, the day before the Carpathia arrived in New York, the White Star Line began retrieval efforts by dispatching four Canadian vessels to begin the search for bodies.

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    • Among them were the Halifax-based CS Mackay-Bennett , which recovered bodies had to be buried at sea ; the CS Minia , which had been at sea when the Titanic sank but returned to Halifax to re-supply before sailing to the disaster site on 22 April and finding only 17 bodies two were buried at sea ; the CGS Montgomery , which left Halifax on 6 May and found four bodies one was buried at sea ; and the SS Algerine , which sailed from St Johns, NL, and retrieved only one body. Previous Next. The remains were taken to Halifax and delivered at the Coal or Flagship Wharf and then taken by horse-drawn hearses to a temporary morgue established at the Mayflower Curling Rink.

      Only 59 of the recovered victims were delivered to their families; the remaining bodies were interred in Halifax cemeteries between 3 May and 12 June, with burial services held at St. George's Church and All Saint's Cathedral. The headstones, matching, plain granite blocks, of the unidentified Titanic victims were purchased by the White Star Line, although in some cases relatives, friends or various organizations commissioned larger monuments. The more personalized graves are at Fairview Lawn Cemetery. After numerous attempts to find the Titanic , an American-French expedition culminated in the discovery of the wreck on 1 September , 73 years after its sinking, km southeast of Newfoundland at m depth in an undersea canyon.

      Four days of unmanned dives with sophisticated camera and diving equipment, followed by 11 manned dives a year later, showed extensive rust in stalactite-like "rusticles," deterioration of wood by shipworms and colonization by sea life, but many artifacts remained intact. Research showed that an alleged 91 m gash did not exist, but the ship had split in two and hull and stern were m apart. Titanic exploration allowed scientists to test sophisticated submersible sonar and camera equipment developed by numerous researchers, including Canadian Joseph MacInnis , who also took part in the expedition in in which a container was salvaged from the wreck.

      Salvage efforts have continued subsequently.

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      Among them was the expedition, from 30 July to 31 August, in which a section of the hull and a gangway door were retrieved. Three other ships joined them in the expedition — Nadir, Abeille Supporter and Petrel 5. Lying 16 km from the Titanic 's wreck site, m beneath the surface, was the section Titanic explorers call the "Big Piece," a ton, 7. Retrieval of the section had been attempted before by George Tulloch in Tulloch, aboard the Nadir , successfully retrieved the Big Piece on 10 August, using 2 huge lift bags filled with lighter-than-water diesel fuel and a winch.

      The retrieved piece was made of steel plates striped with strong vertical steel beams and had 4 portholes as well as portions of 2 others. The manufacturer's marking was still clearly visible on the brass fittings on the portholes: "Utley's Patent